Lincoln County Fair

September 18th - 25th, 2021

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Celebrate Our Century Farms

Lincoln County Century Farms

The Tennessee Century Farms Program was created in 1975 by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture as part of our nation's bicentennial celebration. In 1985, the Center for Historic Preservation at Middle Tennessee State University assumed the responsibility for the program. The program was originally designed and continues to be a recognition and documentary effort.

Farm Name Current Owner/Owners Established
Ashby Farm Curtis L. Ashby 1819
Barnes Acres Farm Sara Barnes 1834
Bayless Farm H. Rabon Bayless 1901
Bert Lee Jennings Farm Nat Walker 1819
Burton Farm William W. Burton, Gerry Askins, Bruce Askins 1900
Childress Farm Elizabeth Lamon 1825
Coleman Place Edmund & Margaret Briley 1856
Conger Farm John B. Conger, Sr. 1808
Craig Farm Larry Craig 1835
Delap Farm Randy & Andrea Delap 1912
Douglas Farm Richard Douglas 1830
English Family Farm
English “Old Homeplace“ Farm
Fanning Farm
Buddy & Cynthia English 1867
Flint River Farm Randy & Andrea Delap 1893
Halbert Acres Farm Nancy Clark 1818
Hill Farm Harry Hill 1827
Honey Branch Joe & Jean Grant 1912
Golden Hollows Farm James Golden 1893
Joe M. Lambert Farm Dr. Joe M. Lambert 1905
John Massey Farm John Massey 1905
Kidd-Spray Farm Jessie Stewart McFerrin, James Spray Kidd, Nancy Kidd Hall 1901
Kidd-Wiley Farm Don L. & Billy Joe Wiley 1842
Lone Cedar Farm Fred Parks 1856
Luna Farms Jimmy L. Luna 1905
McLemore Farms  Ronald & Melinda McLemore 1896
Moore Family Farm Joel & Debbie Hastings 1850
Myrick/Vann Farm Doris Vann 1906
Pickett Farm Gary Pickett 1918
Philpot Farm William Philpot 1866
Roden Farm Ronnie & Tommy Roden 1913
Scott's Orchard James W. Scott, James Larry & Joan Scott, Thomas Auburn & Kay Scott 1901
Serendipity Farm Richard & Deborah McFerrin 1911
Smith Hollow Road Farm
Stevenson Farm
Kathy Thompson 1825
Stewart Farm Larry Barnes 1907
Sun Rose Dairy Martha Jane Johnson, C. N. Bates, Robert Carlos Bates 1909
Sunnyside Farm Elizabeth Gamble 1837
Templeton Farm Don Templeton, Sherry Bartlett 1833
Towry Farm Jack Towry 1843
W. Fred Walker Farm Nat Walker 1860
Wiley Farm
Wiley Farm
Don L. and Billy Joe Wiley 1878
Wright Way Farm Tommy & Norma Wright, Pauline Wright Kanda 1882

Information on applying for Century Farm Status:
century farms Center for Historic Preservation
Century Farms Program
Box 80, MTSU
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Phone: 615-898-2947 • Fax: 615-898-5614 •

Century Farms sign program:
Lynne Williams, Fair Administrator for the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, coordinates the Century Farms sign program.
Please direct inquiries about signs to:
Lynne Williams
Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Ellington Agricultural Center, P.O. Box 40627
Nashville, TN 37204
Phone: 615-837-5081 • Fax: 615-837-5194 •

Admission Prices:

  • $22 Sat. 9/18 includes admission, concert and ride armband
  • $8 Sunday - Wed. 9/19-9/22
  • $10 Thurs. 9/23
  • $12 Friday 9/24
  • $12 Sat. 9/25 for admission
  • $60 Season pass includes parking
  • $5 Parking inside fairgrounds

Kids 5 and under are Free 9/19-9/25. Visit the Admission & Theme Days page for more details, Armband Days and Special Deals.

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Complete Schedule:
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Harness Races:
Harness Races Every Afternoon, Tuesday through Saturday plus Tuesday Night