Lincoln County Fair
Board of Directors

Thank You to Our Fair Board Members!

Thanks to all those board members and volunteers that are dedicated to the fair and who help make the fair a success year after year!

2021 Executive Board

President - Dale Kent
Vice President - Roger Keith
Secretary - Crystal Parker
Treasurer - Julie Kent
Randy Cowley
Ruthie Jeans
Deanna Long
Lorene Reavis
Darrin Simms

2021 Board of Directors

Polly Askew
Shannon Blackwood
Kaye Cowley
Randy Cowley
Johnny Farmer
Todd Gleghorn
Darrell Gray
Chris Hall
Kenny Hall
Cindy Harwell
Glen Jacobs
Ruthie Jeans
Michelle Jennings
Roger Keith
Dale Kent
Julie Kent
Deanna Long
Anna Catherine Osteen
Crystal Parker
Patty Patrick
Emily Pitcock
Lorene Reavis
Dale Roland
Darrin Simms
William Simmons
Steven Smith
Debby Terry-Keith
Brianne Towry
Flo Williams
Dixie Yarbough

Auxiliary Board

Paul Armstrong
Brad Bankston
Catherine Bartlett
Carla Bennett
Jake Berzett
Ethal Bonner
Alex Boyce
Adam Bradford
Lindsay Britton
Jeromy Brown
Dowell Burnett
Alison Campbell
Mary Carter
Alton Coats, Sr.
Chase Cowley
Jo Anne Easton
John Edwards
Tina Edwards
Jacob Eslick
Brent Gentry
Bobby Graham
Anna Hall
Jason Hambrick
Chad Hastings
Stephanie Holloway
Gina Jacobs
Bonnie Johnson
Steve Jacobs
Anthony Jones
Nikki Jones
Monte Kent
Chris King
Debbie Logan
Bonnie McCown
Katie McNabb
Morris Mills
Jessica Mercier
Rufus Moorehead
Dreanne Newton
Claudia Norman
Dan Owen
Jody Preston
David Qualls
Eric Reed
Erin Reed
Colton Smith
Curtis Storey
Brad Swing
Michael Tanner
Dennis Thompson
Marisa Thornton
Stan Trentham
Rebecca West
Brandon Young