General Rules Governing the
Lincoln County Fair

Not Allowed at the Lincoln County Fair

Due to the concern for our patrons’ safety, bringing the following items into the fairgrounds is strictly prohibited. Violators will be removed from the premises.

General Rules

The Fair reserves the right to change or cancel any show or event.

Directors of the Lincoln County Fair shall be ineligible to win door prizes.

All protests must be made in writing to the secretary or superintendent of the respective department and must state fully and specifically upon what grounds the protest is made. The protest must be accompanied by a $25 fee, otherwise it will not be considered. If the case in protest is sustained, the fee will be returned.

No purchase shall be made for the Fair without prior approval. No bill will be paid unless the purchase was previously approved by the Board of Directors or Executive Board if applicable.

Under no condition will any freight or express charges be paid by the Fair. Articles should not be addressed to the Fair, but to the owner, in care of the Fair.


Everyone entering the fairgrounds shall be subject to rules as set by the management. Refusal to follow such rules may result in ejection from the fairgrounds and being barred from entrance to future events.

The Fair will employ guards to patrol the grounds. Anyone trying to fraudulently enter the grounds by climbing fences, or any other means, will be arrested and prosecuted.

No pets allowed on fairgrounds except service animals. No weapons, drugs, outside alcohol, or coolers allowed on fairgrounds.

Intoxication of any person on the grounds will be just cause for their removal from the grounds.

Any exhibitor who publicly expresses disapproval of the judge's decision, or who is guilty of conduct unbecoming an exhibitor, will be excluded from all exhibitions, his premiums will be forfeited, and he may be excused from the grounds. Any exhibitor who enters an article and refuses to show, without good cause, may be subject to the same treatment

Privileged & Concessions Patrons

Property of privileged and concessions people or patrons will be taken on the grounds at their own risk and kept in such places as they themselves agree to or provide. The Fair will not be responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of the same. The Fair will not be responsible for failure to perform its part of the contract should officers of the law seize, or prevent any concessionaire or privileged person from operating.

No privilege or concession granted by the Fair to any privileged person or concessionaire will be construed as granting the right to sell anything or to do anything that is contrary to state or federal law.

The Fair reserves the right to cancel at any time, for reasons satisfactory to itself, any concession privilege without reimbursement.

The Fair reserves the right to inspect any show, concession, booth, stall or animal on the grounds at any time.


All harness races will be held according to the rules and regulations of the United States Trotting Association.

The racetrack will be under jurisdiction of the race secretary at all times, except during races. The race secretary shall determine whether the track is in proper condition

Exhibitions & Judging

All articles (excluding livestock) exhibited for premiums must be strictly the product of the exhibitor; either grown, made, manufactured, or owned by the exhibitor.

Competent judges will be provided. No one that is entered in a section as an exhibitor will be eligible to judge that section.

Judges will carefully observe and adhere closely to the specifications and conditions in each case.

No variation from the premiums listed in the catalog shall be allowed.

All premiums will be designated by ribbons or cards of the following colors: first prize, blue ribbon; second prize, red ribbon; third prize, white ribbon; champion or sweepstakes, purple ribbons.

In cases where one person makes his own competition, only one cash prize shall be awarded, to be based on the merit of the exhibit, according to the opinion of the judges.

The name of the exhibitor will not be displayed on exhibits until premiums have been awarded.

Any misrepresentation in connection with any entry, by fact stated or omitted, will render such entry not eligible


No animals will be permitted to run at large on the grounds.

Hitching of animals will be only in spaces designated for this purpose.

All animals entered for exhibition must be entered in their correct names and in the names of the owners. Certificates of registration shall be required in registered classes.

No barren or impotent animals shall be exhibited in breeding classes.

All animals exhibited in competition must be under the control of the exhibitor at all times. Failure to accomplish this will result in the animal being excused from the arena.

No animal will be allowed to leave the arena after reporting for exhibition, except by permission of the judges.

All animals or articles exhibited in the arena will be under the immediate charge of the show superintendents and subject to their orders at all times, as well as the orders of the judges.

Any exhibitor refusing to comply with instructions or requests of superintendent or judges, or refusing to give information required, may be barred from such ring or any other exhibition and the fact made known.

Should a case occur not covered by the stated rules, decisions will be based upon the rules of the individual show to which the class or breed belongs.

All beef and dairy cattle should be pre-registered by entry form deadline. Registration fee will be doubled if late.

All livestock must enter grounds through Amana Street gate (back gate) to load and unload at the designated area. Free admission is available to the exhibitor only.