Lincoln County Fair

September 7th - 14th, 2019

Homegrown, Handmade & Farm Fresh!

Entertainment ~ Lincoln County Fair ~ September 7-14, 2019

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Concerts ~

Concerts on the Jack Daniel's Stage with music sponsored by Frito-Lay

Riley Green ~ Saturday, September 7th, 2019 @ 8pm
Born in Jacksonville, Alabama, Riley Green was raised on the sounds of old traditional Country, Bluegrass, and Southern Gospel music. He learned the spirit of songwriting and performing at a young age while spending time with his grandfather, Bufford Green, who ran Golden Saw Music Hall. Riley shared the stage with him and other men of his generation, laying a foundation for the songs he’d craft in the years to come, reflecting on the experiences of a young Southern man trying to find his place in the world.

With a mixture of outlaw-rebellion and respect for tradition, Riley’s original music has already tallied over 51 million streams to date. Currently on his headlining OUTLAWS LIKE US TOUR, Riley has built fierce support traveling the southeast for the last five years growing his loyal fanbase on social media. Named one of Rolling Stone Country’s “Artists You Need to Know,” his recently released IN A TRUCK RIGHT NOW EP on BMLG Records was produced by Dann Huff and features four songs he co-wrote: “There Was This Girl,” “Same Old Song,” “Break Up More Often,” and “In A Truck Right Now.”

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The Springs ~ Saturday, September 7th, 2019 @ 7pm
What do you get when you pair Stewart Halcomb and Holly Helms together? Along with tight harmonies, sure-footed songwriting direction, high energy shows, authenticity, and undeniable chemistry, you ultimately get - The Springs. At just 26 and 28, the driven pair is carving out a place of longevity in Music City. The versatile multi-award winning duo delivers Country, Southern Rock, Pop, and traditional favorites, offering something for the whole family.

Their faith, individuality and unwavering work ethic, positively places them in a league of their own in the midst of an ever competitive industry. They believe in family-friendly shows and their songs reflect those values. The standout duo has tirelessly performed over 500 shows, while personally engaging with their audiences. As their careers continue to rise, they remember where they came from. They’re just doing what they love and loving what they do…..and they’re inviting everyone along for the ride.

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Redd Byrdd ~ Saturday, September 7th, 2019 @ 6pm
Redd Byrdd is an “outlaw hip-hop-n-roll” artist. He has been playing music since he was 13 years old, but his unique sound has not fully developed until recently. In the last year, Byrdd has put together an onstage DJ, who goes by Moose, and a full backing band with Lucas Vincent and Jordan Whorley. He is defined by a heavy guitar sound combined with heavy bass, hip-hop lyrics and a smooth southern accent. He played Nova Talent Agency’s showcase at Bonhoeffer’s, and has played along with Samantha Kay and She’s Alaska.

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Horse Races

Quarter Horse Races: Sunday, September 8th @ 1:30pm

Harness Races: Tuesday, September 10th thru Saturday, September 14th

Motorsport Events

Truck and Tractor Pull: Monday, September 9th @ 7pm

Stock Demolition Derby: Wednesday, September 11th @ 7pm

Sanctioned Truck and Tractor Pull: Friday, September 13th @ 7pm

Demolition Derby: Saturday, September 14th @ 7pm

Lincoln County Fair


Admission Prices:

  • $22 Sat. 9/7/19 includes admission, concert and ride armband
  • $8 Sunday - Wed. 9/8-9/11
  • $10 Thurs. 9/12
  • $12 Friday 9/13
  • $12 Sat. 9/14 for admission
  • $60 Season pass includes parking
  • $5 Parking inside fairgrounds

Kids 5 and under are Free 9/8/19-9/14/19. Visit the Admission & Theme Days page for more details, Armband Days and Special Deals.

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Complete Schedule:
Check the Fair Schedule for all event details by day and time.

Harness Races:
Harness Races Every Afternoon, Tuesday through Saturday plus Tuesday Night