- Last Saturday of Fair -
Modeling 10:00 AM

Registration deadline is Saturday, September 14 at the 4-H building at the Fair. Any registration prior to that can be brought to the Lincoln County Extension office. 

Department 50
Darrell Hale Building

1. All entrants must lead a lamb which has been fitted, conditioned and trained to show at halter.

2. Animal does not have to be owned by entrant and can be a ewe or wether.

3. Entrant must wear a garment made of wool or a high percentage (50% or greater) wool blend. Garment does not have to be constructed by entrant.

4. Divisions: (Grade as of Jan 1, last year)
Pee-Wee - 3rd grade and younger
Explorer - 4th grade
Junior - 5th grade
Jr. High - 6th - 8th grades
Senior Level I - 9th - 10th grades
Senior Level ll - 11th - 12th grades
Adult Division

5. Premiums as follows: 1st $50, 2nd $30, 3rd $20, all others $10.

6. The following standards will be used when judging the classes: 

(a) Entrant's garment suitable and practical for entrant - 40%
(b) Poise and appearance - 30%
(c) Control and presentation of sheep - 30%

7. 4-H and FFA competition is open to any member from any location.
The objectives of the contest are:
(a) To present a class of sheep in the most attractive manner.
(b) To give spectators an opportunity to view young people modeling wool garments while leading the wool producers.
(c) To provide an opportunity for young people to develop poise.